Party Package


Extend your visit by making it a Party Package!
$100 Party Package includes an extra 45 minutes

Book an onsite activity at our Team Centre and extend your visit to give your group time for snacks, cake, or presents.  We’ll provide a selection of our leisure game equipment (i.e. ping pong, gaga ball).  More guest details are available below.

  BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!   If you’ve selected a mystery or escape game – you can hide a birthday gift or something fun inside the game’s lock box (1.5ft x 1.5ft x 2.5ft).   Players solve the lock during the game to reveal the surprise (ask us for details).



Guest Details:

Our site is an outdoor natural wooded area and is recommended for groups comfortable with the rugged elements.  A tent shelter, service table, and a composting toilet outhouse are available for guests.

Guests are welcome to bring prepared food and beverage, a service table will be provided.  All waste must be taken out (guests will need to provide cups, plates, cutlery, napkins, garbage bags, etc.).  There are NO cooking facilities available or permitted.

Children require adult supervision at all times.

For obstacle trail runners:   Closed toe shoes are required.  Fitness wear with long sleeves and pants is highly recommended.  ‘Mud’ run requested events will be provided as the final activity (so participants can go home to clean up – bring towels).

Based on availability; contact us ahead of the date to ask about coming early to prepare/setup.