Portable Fitness Classes

Bring Wild Life Fitness to your school, office, or event!

Facilitated by a specialist fitness instructor.  SCDSB Approved.

Portable Fitness Classes:

Our fitness programs come complete with any required equipment (i.e. gloves, pads, & bags) and are guided by our highly trained and experienced instructors.  Great for students, teachers, staff, or teams.  All ages and fitness levels!

Kickboxing – Dance – Kettlebells – Adventure Running – Bootcamp – CheerFit

Click here for a list of more potential class options!

After School Programs:

Give us a space and some kids and our staff will provide fun filled cooperative activities, including; kickboxing, self defense, action dance, obstacle courses, adventure challenges, and a mix of various fitness games & sports.  Grades JK to 8

Team Sports Conditioning:

Increase your team’s speed, power, and endurance.  Stay on track, on and off season, with focused sports fitness and cross training.

Hockey, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Running, Track & Field, Triathlon, Adventure Racing, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance

Whatever the sport or event, it’s worth that extra push and effort to rise above and achieve your best!

Available for individuals, groups, and teams.