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Make the most of your schedule & budget, without the bus.  Our in-school, curriculum relevant, experiential programs are available for all grade levels.  We strive to support our community schools and youth organizations with accessible affordability – we try our very best to work with your budget.  Check out our popular options and contact us below to start planning your student’s Wild Life adventure today!

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(problem solving)

Escape the Game
(Multiple Teams)
The clock is ticking, the clues are everywhere.  Can teams crack the code to escape the game in time?  Up to 60 players can join in at once, working in small teams as they seek out and solve the clues within the allotted time (30-60 minutes).  Intense game music, clues & props, and a game facilitator all come to you.

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Mystery Quest
(Multiple Teams)
Mystery Quest is a scavenger hunt style puzzle solving adventure.  Teams will travel in search of mysterious portals and cryptic messages – seeking clues and unraveling the mystery along the way to complete the quest in time (30-60 minutes).  With new games coming all the time, you never know where the quest will lead…

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Escape Game Booth
(Quick Team Games)
Our booth games are ideal for festival style events.  These quick games give small teams (up to 6ish players) a speed round (5/10/15 minutes) challenge to escape.  Booth options allow teams to attempt their escape in turns throughout your event and still have time to move on to other activities.

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(physical challenges)

Aerial Challenge Course
(High Ropes Climbing)
Our HIGHER LEARNING portable climbing aerial course is the first and longest running program of it’s kind in Ontario.  Set-up right in your facility, we instruct and supervise participants as they take on the challenges and try out the thrills.  Our vertical adventures are always challenge-by-choice with a focus on each participant’s safety, comfort, and confidence.

Indoor (your gym)
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Obstacle Course
(Low Fitness Elements)
Up your OCR game!  We’ll set up our portable obstacles at your field or gym.  Students take on our series of elements, including; climbing structures, crawling tunnels, balancing bridges, agility scrambles, and loads more challenges and surprises. Outdoors or indoors, this event is a fast blast of adrenaline.  You can even make it muddy… if you choose.

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(Low Rock Climbing)
Our BOULDER WILD portable bouldering structures come to your place, covered in routes with dynamic surfaces, ready for your crew to get on the wall (bouldering keeps things at low heights – with no need for ropes and harnesses there can be more climbers climbing and more time to climb).  Have some fun trying things out, take on routes/problems, train and work on skills, and/or host a bouldering competition for your school or region.

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(Balance Training)
Add slacklining on to our challenge course adventures.  Have you tried slacklining?  Similar, in some ways, to tight rope walking, slacklining is all about balance.  Made of webbing rather than cable, slacklining has bounce and motion.  Practice, practice, practice is the key to this fantastic awesome fun skill.



(various activities)

Fitness Classes & Training
(Various Options)
Our fitness programs are guided by our highly skilled professional instructors and come complete with the required special equipment (i.e. gloves, pads, & bags).  Choose a focus, or mix and match, from;  kickboxing, dance, kettlebells, adventure running, cheerleading, sports conditioning, nutrition, and more.

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After School Programs
(Various Activities)
Parent groups or administrators, looking to keep your students active and engaged in a positive, encouraging environment beyond class time?  Our top-notch facilitators will provide fun filled cooperative activities, including; team initiatives, kickboxing & self defense, action dance, obstacle courses, orienteering, adventure challenges, sports, & loads of games.


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