Adventure Games (Portable)

Central & Southern Ontario

puzzle and glass

Bring the adventure to you!  Strategic team-work, communication, and critical thinking skills all come into play as teams work their way through these highly immersive problem solving games.  Booking is easy – select a game, get in touch, let the adventure begin!

Escape the Game…

escape the game box c&s

Clues are everywhere…  Teams will need to think quickly to solve their way out of this one.  The clock is ticking… find the clues, crack the codes, and sort out the final solution to escape the game before the time runs out.  Large groups are split into smaller teams all playing at the same time, with each team seeking their own final solution to escape.

Adult & Kids (ages 8+) Options
up to 60 players/round
45 & 60 minute games



We geo-locate clues throughout your event space.  Players use their smartphones to access a map and website as they search the grounds for the hidden clues to unlock the mystery and solve the game.  This game style allows players to participate at their convenience and can be setup to increase travel to various key locations of your event.

Adult & Kids (ages 8+) Options
unlimited players
20 to 60 minute games

Mystery Quest…


Mystery Quest is a puzzle solving adventure.  Teams investigate mysterious portals and cryptic messages – seeking clues, facing thoughtful challenges, and unraveling the mystery along the way to complete the quest in time.  With new games coming all the time, you never know where the quest will lead…

Adult & Kids (ages 6+) Options
up to 60 players/round
30 to 60 minute games

Scavenger Hunt…

customized scavenger hunt

We’ll develop a puzzle solving scavenger hunt exclusively for your event.  Your corporate sponsors, program providers, vendors, websites, and/or other valuable event details will be integrated into the game.  The hunt can be designed with smart phone, paper & pencil, or paperless interaction.  We can facilitate the game or provide you with the resources.

Any Ages
unlimited players
variable lengths/times

Escape this Box…

escape this box 4x8 single

Our ‘Escape this Box’ games set up virtually anywhere.  Teams of up to 6 players enter the box for their attempt to escape in time.  Speed round games allow groups to rotate through quickly, making this an excellent activity for fairs and big events.  The box contains puzzles and clues, solving them is essential to cracking the code and escaping before the clock runs out.  We have multiple boxes and games to suit various group sizes and ages – book a box for your next event!

 Adult & Kids (ages 6+) Options
up to 6 players/round
5, 10, 15 minutes/game

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