Adventure Games

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Wild Life is SCDSB approved

Strategic team-work, communication, and critical thinking skills all come into play as teams work their way through these highly immersive problem solving games.

Escape the Game

Clues are everywhere…  Players will need to think quickly to solve their way out of this one.  With the clock ticking, find the clues, crack the codes, and sort out the final solution to escape the game before the time runs out.

Kids (ages 8+) & Adult Games

Lava Lake Land

This high action ‘can’t touch the ground’ inspired game has teams strategizing to collect artifacts – crossing over lava pits on precarious bridges and obstacles, jumping into lakes to avoid capture, or traveling the untamed land filled with foe.  If they touch the lava, stay in the lake too long, or get tagged on land by an opponent they lose their artifact and return home to try again.

Ages 6+

Mystery Quest

This game has the puzzle solving of an escape game but with a leveling up score system (rather than escape or fail).  Teams will travel through the mysterious world of this immersive game – seeking clues, facing thoughtful challenges, gathering essential supplies, encountering friend and foe, and unraveling the mystery along the way to complete the quest in time.

Kids (ages 6+) & Adult Games

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