Camp FAQ

How do I register?

All registration occurs online.  Visit our camp registration page for details.

Will I receive confirmation after registering?

You will receive a confirmation email after your payment is processed.  Please access our ‘Parent & Camper‘ page for camp info & what to bring.

Where is camp located?

Camp is located (mainly*) at Wild Life Academy, within 5km of Coldwater Ontario’s downtown core.  *Locations may change for specific activities/experiences or other special circumstances.  CLICK HERE FOR CAMP LOCATION INFORMATION (access can be found at the bottom of the linked page)

What are the camp hours?

Camp hours are from 9am to 3:30pm (drop off 8:30-9am, pick up 3:30-4pm).  We have just-in-case emergency after care until 4:30pm – this is provided for extenuating circumstances, additional charges may apply.  We are not available for care after 4:30pm or before 8:30am.

Is the camp Nut Free?

No.  We do ask all parents to send nut free lunches and snacks.  However, we are dependent upon parents following the nut free policy – we do not guarantee a nut free camp.

Is my camper too young for the specialties? 

For our youngest campers, we always have lots of great stuff to do.  We work to integrate young campers into all sorts of activities with support from our leaders but we always have alternative activities best suited to their age.  We also have an activity area to take breaks in.

Is my older camper with the little ones all day? 

Although we have camp wide time, older campers have loads of opportunity to hang out with their peers, with activities specially planned to best suit their age group.  Campers have the option to participate in the activities that they are most interested in.

Can I make special payment arrangements?

You are welcome to contact us to discuss special arrangements for payment.  We are happy to work with third party support services to sort out payment, contact us for details.  We can only confirm space for paid sessions.

My child is just under 4, can they still attend?

Unfortunately not.  Child care laws require that children must be 4 and up to attend camp.  We look forward to having them join us when they turn 4!

What is your leader to camper ratio?

We maintain a 1 to 10, leader to camper ratio (most often 1 to 8).  For special needs programs our ratio reflects the best practice for the needs of campers.

My child may require extra support, can they come?

Our general camp sessions are very dynamic and require campers to have a certain level of self sufficiency (outlined in our registration agreement).  Please contact us about having your camper attend with additional support.

Where can I find out more about Wild Life Camp?

Visit our ‘about‘ page to find out more about Wild Life Camp and some of the people involved in making things happen.

Is there more stuff we can do all year round?

Absolutely!  Visit Wild Life Academy to find out all the great fun we have with fitness, recreation, adventure games, escape games, birthday parties, corporate team-building, climbing, school programs, socials… so much to do!