Virtual Camp

Join us online for some interactive camp fun! Meet up with friends for games and challenges, get creative with art projects, or try out some cool science experiments at the next virtual session.

Meetups are facilitated live by a camp leader, specific instructional sessions are recorded for watching at your convenience. Sessions include special themes, and interactivity at your camper’s comfort level.

Find a session below for details.


FEB 13th & 14th 2021

This is a FREE event from the Town of Penetanguishene and provided by Wild Life Academy. All kids are welcome (you don’t have to be a local resident) and all ages (some kids/activities may require adult support). You’ll just need to collect some supplies and meet us online. Register below!


Saturday at 11am, approx 60-90mins
Welcome – Movement activity – Making Snow Globes – Games – Valentines Day Card Making – Wrap up Activity

Supplies Needed;
Snow Globe; glass jar with lid, clear glue, hot glue, sparkles, small toy to fit inside globe
Valentines Cards; construction paper, markers, scissors, paint

Sunday at 11am, approx 60-90mins
Welcome – Morning games – Rainbow Science – Bubbles – Volcanoes – Magic art – Movement activity – Wrap up

Supplies Needed;
Bubbles; water bottle, sock, elastic band, food colouring
Volcanoes; 5 small cups, vinegar, baking soda, food colouring (various)
Magic art; paper towel, black and coloured markers, tray or dish with water.

Sunday at 3:30pm, approx 45-60mins
Wrap up dance party – Learn to draw Willy and Milly – Camp Awards

Supplies Needed;
Art; paper, markers pencil crayons, or crayons