Higher Learning – Aerial Climbing

HL climbing header 3Bring our Climbing & Aerial Adventure to you!
Wild Life is SCDSB approved

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Set-up temporarily in your gym – Participants CLIMB, SWING, & FLY as they take on the challenges and try out the thrills!

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For Schools!

Full Ropes Program: (grades 6 – 12)

We recommend 5-sessions (periods) per group to make this the ideal adventure.  Students can attend as regularly scheduled phys-ed classes.  Each day offers more and more challenging and dynamic elements as students build on the skills required to attempt them.

Try Ropes Program: (grades 1 – 12)

Give your students a taste of adventure – your younger students can try it out once or twice while your older students get a more intense multi-session program. We have activities suited to even the littlest adventurer.

as low as $400/day

For Camps!

Summer Day Camp programs: (all ages)

Perfect for camps that use a school or recreation centre’s facilities.  We’ll set-up various climbing elements and oversee our program, adapted to best suit your camp.  (No need to worry about; expensive construction, specialty insurance, external staff training fees, replacing equipment, or costly inspections.  We take care of everything!)

  • Includes; a Higher Learning supervisor, all equipment, various elements for all ages, and staff training.
  • With longer term bookings, an option of including an indoor portable Rock Wall, Rock Cave, and/or Slacklining is available for the duration.

as low as $400/day

For Single Day Events!

Special Event High Ropes: (all ages)

This program gives the greatest number of participants a taste of adventure in the least amount of time.  A set of quick, yet incredibly thrilling activities are provided that will have the adrenaline pumping, or can be attempted at any intensity to suit anyone.

as low as $580/day


Fully completed Higher Learning WAIVER forms are required for ALL participants!

an absent, altered, or incomplete waiver will void participation.


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