Higher Learning – Ropes (portable)

aerial climbing

 An Aerial Obstacle Adventure set-up in your gym – Participants CLIMB, SWING, & FLY as they take on the challenges and try out the thrills!


Our ‘Higher Learning’ adventure is the longest running in-school climbing program in Ontario, beginning in 1998.  Safety is our top priority and our first-rate long-standing record proves it.  This is a fantastic opportunity to push personal boundaries, set goals, build trust, manage healthy risk, and face challenge by choice.  Participants can ALWAYS engage at a level that is right for them.

(options – all grades, ages, abilities)

Whether you’re looking for a big event or just to try out some high adventure, we’re sure to have options to suit your goals and budget.  Single day events or multi-day packages, progressive skills courses, or full summer ropes programs.  Thrill elements and/or climbing challenges for small groups, large groups, or loads of participants rotating through quickly.  Let us know your goals and we’ll help you get there.


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Looking to combine our portable Aerial Obstacles, Bouldering, and (OCR) Obstacles for an ULTIMATE ELEMENTS EVENT?  Let us know! 

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