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Why Camp Needs Your Support…

A note from Jill and Jason (Sarge), the directors of Wild Life Camp:

We started Wild Life Camp because it is important to us to contribute to our community, and we know that camp makes a difference – camp puts our experience into action locally.    Since 2011, camp has been providing a safe place for kids to get active and engaged, to build friendships, foster creativity, and experience the value of community.  Kids grow at camp.  Kids thrive at camp.  Kids belong at camp.

Camp is in the mix with all of our Wild Life Academy recreation services, but is essentially its own entity in that our intentions with camp are not for profit.  Our goal has been to build camp into a sustainable community program that parents can rely on and our community of campers can grow with.

A great deal of effort goes into making camp happen.  Over the years, we each (Jill & Jason) have been volunteering greater than 60% of every hour we put into camp.  That includes our year-round efforts to market, manage registration, plan and prepare, as well as each and every day of camp.  We additionally volunteer several of our Wild Life Academy services as part of the camp program.  We have made it a point to maintain camp fees at rates that make it as accessible as possible to the community.  Those fees have remained comparable to subsidized township camp fees.  Wild Life Camp is not a subsidized camp and receives no funding.  We need every bit of support we can get to make camp in Coldwater sustainable.

It is thanks to the support of the leaders, staff, and volunteers who share in our efforts to provide this quality program in our small community, and to those who help offset the costs by donating time, services, or money.  It is also thanks to each and every parent and camper that Wild Life Camp continues each year.  Every bit helps in getting kids to camp!

Six ways you can help…

  1. Sign your kids up, as much as you can!
  2. Spread the word about camp – tell a friend, share our posts on social media.
  3. Contribute services, special events, or opportunities for the kids (i.e. animal shows, bowling, skating).
  4. Ask your club or community group to send a local kid to camp.
  5. Encourage our local politicians to support camp.
  6. If you can, donate some money or purchase something from the camp wish list below.

Everyone deserves camp!

Your donation will go towards campers who need financial support to attend camp, as well as; maintaining and purchasing equipment and supplies, special events and activities, and the numerous other expenses that go into making camp happen.




Gently used sports equipment, puppets, costumes, & Lego also appreciated!