Coaching Package

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Coach Jill is ready to join ‘team YOU’ to work on achieving your fitness goals. She’ll customize your app-based training plan to fit your lifestyle. Meet up for a monthly coaching call and connect online with regular notifications to stay on track. Your training will be continually adapted and you can access the app wherever and whenever you like; includes an easy-to-follow plan, a full video library of exercises, and direct messaging with Coach Jill.

Training is geared to your individual comfort and ability – beginners to experts.  Speak with Jill about your fitness goals, nutrition, injury adaptations, and/or event training. Your plans will be provided based on your activities of interest, the equipment you have access to, your space and local area, and the things you enjoy doing.

$99 per month

Coaching Package includes:
Monthly Customized Training Plan
Daily app-based workout reminders
Workout completion notifications
A monthly coaching call with Jill
Regular check-ins and messaging

Who is Coach Jill?

Jill is a Spartan SGX coach, a Personal Training Specialist, a Kickboxing Instructor & Master Trainer, and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She’s a two time provincial kickboxing champion and OCR World Championship qualifier and competitor.  She competed in the Canadian National Spartan series earning 2nd place in her age group, 5th overall in the Canadian National series, and is a regular top ten finisher. Jill wants to support you in making good health and fitness a part of your lifestyle to achieve your goals.

Who is this coaching for?

The KICK STARTER – You need a kick start that fits your lifestyle.  You are ready to get consistent with your workouts and would like guidance to get started.  Perfect for anyone just starting out, coming back, or recovering from injury.

The EVERYDAY WARRIOR – You’re active in athletics and fitness endeavours. You want to take your abilities to the next level. You would like more support in your training. Maybe it’s preparing for athletic events or just to be the best athlete you can be.

Check out what our clients are saying…

“Training with Jill is always challenging but fun.  The workouts are diverse and she works with you to make sure you’re working towards the goals you have set for yourself.  It’s also super simple now with an app based approach to take your workout anywhere.  The app is very user friendly, has the ability to directly message Jill, mark workouts as complete, and if you ever forget what any of the exercises are, there are videos to remind you!!  What’s your excuse now, for not doing.  DO IT, you won’t regret it.”
– Melissa

“Jill, I would like to thank you for being such a great coach. The workouts you have put together for me have been awesome. You have been so accommodating in assisting me in reaching my goals. Thanks for all the great feedback as well. I love the videos you provide in each of the workouts. I actually feel like you are with me every step of the way! Cheers to a great fitness mentor!!”
– Robin