Corporate Events

Wild Life’s Corporate Events division provides dynamic team-building recreation to business clients throughout Ontario.

We’ll bring the adventure to you, or we invite you to come visit us in North Simcoe Muskoka for some energizing team fun!

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Mystery & Escape Games

Escape the Game: Our top requested event!  Trapped in the game with the clock ticking, players must find the clues, crack the codes, and unlock the final solution to escape the game before the time runs out.  This event will have players working in small teams within the larger group, each team requiring their own final solution to escape.

Mystery Quest:  This is a team puzzle adventure game that has groups investigating mysterious portals covered with cryptic symbols and hidden secrets.  Players will put their heads together to unlock the secret meanings and messages.  With the clock ticking, teams will collect the essential artifacts to level up.  This event will have players working in small teams within a larger group, each team will rise in levels as they complete portions of the quest.

Visit Escape Challenge North for more options, like ‘Escape this Box’!

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Team Social Games

Leisure Tournament:  Leave it to us to take some laid-back leisurely backyard games (set up indoors or out) and turn them into a fierce tournament of warriors, as teams compete tooth and nail to earn the coveted Leisure Cup… Okay, maybe not that intense, but tons of fun!

Game Show Championship:  Your group will be contestants in this fast paced game show, facing-off in mini challenges, quiz & trivia, and decision making games.  Teams will try to beat the clock as they attempt hilarious challenges to out score their opponents.  All in good fun and fantastic team spirit!



Fitness & Wellness

E.P.I.C. (Employee Personal Improvement Challenge):  We’ll work with you to provide an incentivized health initiative that works for your team and all fitness levels.  With challenges focused on improving overall health, flexibility, strength, and stamina – all the things that make us happier more effective people.  We provide the systems to track improvement, monitor involvement, and reinforce positive improvements with a team encouragement platform.

Recreation & Wellness Retreat:  Take your work group away for a team-building experience like no other.  Group bonding through fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, team initiatives, and social games & activities.  We’ve got it covered, a complete package of recreation, healthy eating, and cozy accommodation all specially planned for your team.

Contact us about in-house fitness, and staff sports & events pre-training!



Pricing:  We’re always happy to work with you to find an event that fits your budget. Our event pricing is based on the location of your event, your selected activity, date and time, duration, and the number of participants. Contact us with details or a starting point and we’ll provide a quote, asap!

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