the Weaver

Staggered Start: Challengers will alternate passing their bodies over top and underneath each bar in the sequence without touching the ground or supports.

10 points, loss for ground/support touches, missed sequence, or timed out


Chain Gang

Team Format: Team members will traverse around the structure using the chains for hands and planting their feet against the inclined wall.

10 points, loss for ground touches or timed out


Buddy Bridge

Partner Format: Pairs will counter each other as they make their way along 16 feet of nothing but feet, without touching down.

10 points, loss for ground touches or timed out



Relay Format: Challengers make their way up and over the raised overhung fence, making their way back down the other side.

10 points, loss for incomplete or timed out


Slalom Slide

Team Format: Using ropes to pull, the team will navigate a weighted object through a slalom course, avoiding obstacles along the route.

10 points, loss for obstacle hits or timed out


Army Crawl

Staggered Start: Challengers will work their way through the tunnels, staying just low enough to avoid the razor sharp electrified wire (…neither sharp nor electrified).

10 points, loss for structure movement or timed out


Spider’s Scramble

Staggered Start: Competitors make their way as quickly as possible through a tangled trap of giant spider web along with a series of under and over barricades.

10 points, loss for structure movement or timed out


Ballast Bridges

Staggered Start: Carrying a weighted bag, challengers will make their way along balance beams, rickety bridges, and stepping stones.

10 points, loss for ground touches or timed out


the Wall

Staggered Start: Each climber traverses the 12ft long slatted wall to complete this challenge.  Don’t touch the ground and use only the holds allowed.

10 points, loss for ground touches, misuse, or timed out


Ascension Tension

Relay Format:  Work your way from point A to B and back again to complete this one.  Reach the correct points, don’t touch the ground or let go too soon.

10 points, loss for ground touches, missed targets, or timed out