Virtual Parties


Invite friends and family from anywhere in the world to your Wild Life hosted interactive virtual party.  Choose your theme activities and we’ll meet you online!

virtual parties

$50 virtual party includes: 10 families (screens), 45 minute activity


Book your virtual party with us and invite your guests.  Install the easy free app.  Your guests will meet online and have a chance to do a bit of socializing before and after the activity.  Our host will provide an introduction activity to get everyone acquainted, followed by your selected theme activities.

(some themes may require a few easy to find supplies)

Mystery Solver:
  We have an enigma to unravel and need your help!  Get your thinking caps on.  Your team will work to crack the code before the time runs out.

Junior Chef:  You’ll create a birthday shake or no-bake birthday bites to enjoy.  Along with a decorating contest – make it a masterpiece or design a disaster! 

Obstacle Challenge:  There’s an adventure course hiding in your house!  We’ll set off on a quest to find it, create it, and conquer it – with games and challenges.

Creative Kids:  Unleash your artsy and crafty side!  Step by step instruction of a painting or project.  Ask about the latest options – only simple supplies required.

Dance Party:  Get up, get down, get groovin’ around!  We’ll get your guests moving through a guided dance format with loads of room for creativity.

Game Show:  You and your guests are contestants on your very own game show!  We’ll host your tournament of trivia, challenges, puzzles, and party games.


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