Fitness Class Descriptions

In Alphabetical Order

Adventure Fit:

Adventure is fitness!  This program is entirely outdoors, it combines the various adventure activities provided at the Wild Life center with a comprehensive fitness focus.  Trail running, climbing, jumping, crawling good fun.

Adventure Training/Adventure Running – Team Wild Adventure Runners:

Ready for some adventure? Come challenge yourself and be a part of Team Wild Adventure Runners. Then its ready, set, go as you crawl, lift, run, and jump your way into Adventure Running shape. Make sure you are ready and dressed for any kind of weather, part of the challenge is the outdoor elements. Runners have the opportunity to then challenge themselves as our team participates in a variety of special off site weekend events.

Beginner Bootcamp:

Each class will help you to improve your strength, flexibility and cardio at a gentle pace, you will learn how to do a variety of integral exercises with proper technique.


This class is a high intensity workout, challenging strength, cardio, and flexibility.  The format of this class changes regularly so that you are always adapting to challenge yourself.

Cheer Fit:

Your cheerleader will experience the fundamentals of cheerleading mixed with fitness. Participants will develop cheering, stunting, and work towards progressively complex routines and presentations in a non-competitive environment. This program promotes teamwork and positive participation while achieving increased flexibility, stamina, movement awareness, strength, and cardio. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged.

Family Fit:

Get mom, dad, kids, and grandparents together for this fun family opportunity to participate in an exciting experience of games, challenges, and goal setting while incorporating fitness, nutrition, and active living.  Develop healthy routines while spending time together.


These are dance/fitness classes where you learn SIMPLE and EASY choreography from a variety of different dance styles (Hip Hop, Urban, House, Jazz, Bollywood, Latin, African, Contemporary, Swing, Disco and many more!).

The choreography is simple (there are not many movements to remember) so that you can dance the moves your own way!   When you get a chance to move in a way that feels good for your body, you get a great workout that’s perfect for you!

Groove – Youth Urban:

These pop focused classes are dance based classes where you learn really simple moves inspired from a variety of dance styles like hip hop, urban, jazz, Latin, krump, house, top 40, African, Bollywood, etc. and then you get to DANCE them your own way.

Kettlebells :

Build strength and endurance through use of the kettlbell, a weighted ball with handle developed in Russia in the 1700’s for use in their army training. Participants develop strength, cardio and flexibility through dynamic and functional exercises designed for each individuals unique abilities. If you are looking for a back to basics workout – here it is.


This program teaches kickboxing technique through vigorous physical activity, using gloves & pads.

Kids Fit:

Start your little ones off active.  This program is geared for fun with, of course, tons of fitness to be found.  We will get your kids moving with various games and activities to build healthy routines and strong bodies for a lifetime.

Kids Kickboxing/Mini Kickboxing – and Self Defense:

Ages 7-12 & 3-6 (parents may participate as well)
Expect something different each week including obstacle courses, fitness games, kickboxing, mma, strength and conditioning, self defense, jujitsu. and of course nutrition.  Instructed by both Jill McIsaac (2 x provincial women’s kickboxing champion and personal trainer) and Sandan Hachey (3 degree black belt Shinto-Ryu Jujutsu,and personal trainer)

Kids Mini Movers:

This class is designed to introduce kids fitness, nutrition, and healthy living through play.  Kids will engage in movement through games, stories, music, dance, obstacle courses, and all sorts of activities challenging their physical abilities and changing each week.

Mommy & Me:

Spend some time one on one with your baby or toddler.  Get fit and stay active with both gentle and high energy movement and music.

Running Clinic/Club/Learn to Run:

Develop technique for sprint and long distance running.  These clinics will prepare you for recreational or competitive running – for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners.

Running Club, Kids:

Learn and develop technique for sprint and long distance running.  This club will provide kids with fun and run games for healthy living.

Snowshoe Fit:

Bring your snowshoes and lets get outside!  Learn various exercises as we hike the woods and hills. If you enjoy the outdoors this will be a great class for you.


This class focuses on flexibility and is a great opportunity to improve posture, stay limber, and strong.  This is a relaxation class and is suitable for all levels.


These classes include breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.  An excellent practice for health and relaxation.