Wilderness Week

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Ages 9 to 13+

Wilderness Week takes place entirely out-of-doors (5 minutes outside of Coldwater Ontario), with the rain and the bugs.  Campers will be immersed in a full-on wilderness experience (day camp hours) learning & developing wilderness living skills; fire building, leadership, survival, navigation, camp craft, leave-no-trace, edible plants and their uses, and whatever we discover along the way.  We will be preparing camp meals in the woods (lunches and snacks are included).  Along with all of the skills development there will be plenty of time for team building, slacklining, bouldering, and the other fun & games we enjoy at Wild Life Camp.

First Year (Optional* One Overnight)

  • First year wilderness campers require no previous wilderness experience.  This week develops the fundamentals of wilderness living skills and further acclimatizes even experienced campers to living outdoors.  First year campers have the potential of participating in an optional bonus overnight (Thursday) camping experience, to try out their skills.  Meals are provided.

Returning (Optional* Two Overnights)

  • Returning campers who have successfully completed, at minimum, one ‘overnight’ during a previous Wilderness Week have the potential of participating in an optional bonus two (Wednesday & Thursday) overnights.  Returning and first year campers attend together as we build on previous skills and introduce new ones.  Our more advanced returning campers will put there experience & leadership into practice as mentors.  Meals are provided.

Camper & Overnight Expectations:

Wilderness Week is for campers who enjoy nature, have an interest in outdoor exploration and skills development, an eagerness for new adventures, and are looking for a challenge.  This is a rugged, entirely outdoor experience that requires participants respect the natural environment and camp community, and demonstrate regard for personal and group safety.  This experience is for those ready to participate and contribute positively to the functions of our community in the wild.  *The overnight bonus is an option available to campers who demonstrate an appropriate level of responsibility throughout the week (there are no additional charges for the bonus overnight).   


register for camp buttonOur goal is always the positive personal development of each participant.  Campers will experience activities at a level that challenges them while respecting their individual comfort and skill level.  We want all campers to feel they are a special part of the Wild Life Camp community.


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